About EFMP

Accurate and effective measuring, monitoring, and reporting of environmental health and effects is one of the most important challenges facing organizations today. This is especially true in resource extraction industries, where environmental management is a major aspect of operations.

The Environment Footprint Monitoring Platform is accessible online, and when logged in, users have access to a dashboard showing key environmental indices overlaid on very-high-resolution satellite imagery.

The platform includes these base indices:

  • Vegetation health - Measures the production of chlorophyll (greenness) in vegetation using the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). This is a standard measure of vegetation health.

    Vegetation health

  • Vegetation productivity - Measures the amount of biomass produced by vegetation. This is measured by the amount of carbon vegetation stored in grams of carbon per meter square.

    Vegetation productivity

  • Land cover classification - Measures the area of different types of land cover. It can track change in landcover and identify areas of fragmentation, where once uniform plant types are being broken into smaller groups.

    Land cover classification

  • Water depth - Measured in centemeters. Accurate to within 5cm.

    Water depth

  • Water turbidity - Measures the cloudiness or amount of visible particles in the water. This is a standard measure of water quality.

    Water turbidity

  • Water salinity - Measures the amount of salt present in a water body, measured in micro siemens (mS).

    VWater salinity

The data can be viewed alone or compared with other data, and the user can investigate each index in a certain location or area. The platform is an excellent way to assess and monitor change; archival date is available for +30 years. The data can be refreshed at whatever frequency the user requires, for both short term and long term monitoring projects.

In addition to being a key component of sustainable development strategy, monitoring environmental health is an important tool for communicating an organization’s commitment to corporate social and environmental responsibility.

Please contact us to view a demo of the software and discuss your application.