EFMP Features

The Environment Footprint Monitoring Platform (EFMP) provides accurate and effective measuring, monitoring, and reporting of environmental health and effects. Based on very-high-resolution satellite imagery and our up-to-date image extraction algorithm, EFMP provides six indicators (vegetation health, vegetation productivity, land cover classification, water depth, water turbidity, water salinity), which are a physical, chemical or biological variable or group of linked variables that critically contributes to the characterization of Environment.

Feature One

EFMP Dashboard

EFMP Dashboard

EFMP is accessible online, and when logged in, users have access to a dashboard showing key environmental indices overlaid on very-high-resolution satellite imagery.

Feature Two

Salinity Image Sample

Salinity Image Sample

EFMP Indicator Images support 32 bit depth and are published as Web Coverage Service, all of the Available images are marked in the system date select box.

Feature Three

Trend Analysis – table data

Trend Analysis

The data can be viewed alone or compared with other data for each index in a certain location or area to investigate trend analysis (table data or diagram).

Feature Four

Imagery Access & download

Easy and Efficient Online Access

EFMP dataset lives online. Users access all imagery through web-based tools. This results in reducing the delivery time and faster analysis. It is simple to acquire data. All users need to do is to select Area of Interested and choose the date. The imagery will be automatically processed and the results imagery and metadata will be hosted online.